Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Aruba


10.) Natural Bridge 

Sadly, the main Natural Bridge in Aruba collapsed back in 2005 but there are still other spots that allow you to stand over the ocean on a limestone bridge. Hop on a jeep tour and ride to the double natural bridge on Aruba’s north shore.

You are also able to go down to the water beside and underneath the bridge for some great photo ops.
No handrails in sight. Watch your step as you cross the double natural bridge!

9. Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park makes for a great half day or full day tour. With the natural pool, cave system, and beautiful beaches, the national park has something to offer all visitors. Unfortunately while we were here the natural pool was closed due to very rough waves and currents, but we were still able to enjoy the rugged landscape while driving by. 

Overlooking the Natural Pool in Arikok National Park.
Take a jeep tour around the island. Some tour companies will even provide you with a hot lunch after the excursion.

8.) Oranjestad

The capital city of Aruba is the first sight for cruise ship arrivals and offers some great shopping and dining options. I would recommend a trip to the city as a morning activity, before the temperature gets too hot. There isn’t enough to see and do here to justify a full day itinerary in Oranjestad. However, the Dutch style architecture is enough to entice anyone looking for a great Instagram feature. 

Colorful buildings in Oranjestad.
Dutch architecture dominates the city skyline of Oranjestad.

7.) Flying Fishbone

It’s a bit of a drive from Aruba’s Palm Beach to the five-star restaurant, Flying Fishbone, in Saveneta but it is well worth it! The main draw for this location is the view and food, making for one heck of a combination to feature on social media. We ate at Flying Fishbone both times we traveled to Aruba and enjoyed our dinner immensely each time. This dining location is an experience where you can enjoy the sunset, sip some drinks, and eat some of the best dishes on the island. Be prepared to spend a few hours here for you dinner. There is no rush to leave perhaps the best view on the ABC Islands. Did I mention you are able to sit at a table in the water?

Flying Fishbone “dining room.” Reservations are a MUST when dining here. Make sure to request a “feet in the water” table when you make the reservation.
Sunset at Flying Fishbone. I recommend wearing something a little bit dressier than your average “lazy day on the beach” outfit. I tried to match my outfit to the island setting. 🙂
Dessert sampler with creme brulé, sorbet, brownie, apple pie, and Aruba specialties.
Beef tenderloin skewers with rice. The BEST meal I had while in Aruba, and that’s an accomplishment because all of the food on the island is fantastic.

6.) On the Horizon

It may come as no surprise that the best view of Aruba and its sunset can best be taken in while out on the water. There are plenty of boat rental and sunset tour groups that offer a front row seat of the sunset but I would recommend the Jolly Pirates Sunset Sail. This is a two hour cruise that comes included with rum punch, music that can start a dance party, and a rope swing that allows you to fly over the crystal blue water. 

Aruban sunset from the Jolly Pirates sunset cruise.
View of Palm Beach from the ocean.

5.) Palm Beach

This is most likely the place that will act as your “hub” of a sort when you’re in Aruba. Most of the resorts and hotels are located here, and for good reason. The beautiful beach, the turquoise water, and an unobstructed view of the sunset makes for a perfect location to set up camp while on the island. Walking up and down the beach you will find numerous places to take a photo for the ‘gram. 

Right before sunset on Palm Beach.
Colorful beach shacks dot the Palm Beach area. Make sure to visit Moomba Beach & Eduardo’s smoothie shack while you’re here!
Our view of Palm Beach from the Holiday Inn.

4.) California Lighthouse & Faro Blanco

Just like Flying Fishbone, the Italian restaurant, Faro Blanco, has some great views and delicious food that makes the drive to the tip of Aruba more than worth it. Before your reservation stop at the California Lighthouse for a panoramic view of Aruba and the ocean surrounding it. While at Faro Blanco make sure to stroll up around the restaurant and explore the beach area that is accessible by stairs from the main dining area. 

California Lighthouse at the tip of Aruba. You can climb to the top for an even better view of the island.
Landscape surrounding Faro Blanco. There is access to the beach from the main dining area.

3.) The North Shore & Secret Cove

Hop back on the jeep and head to the North Shore of Aruba for beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, and even a secret cove. The waves are rough on this side of the island so be careful. Of course my favorite part of the north shore was the hidden cove which is near Bushiribana Gold Mine. The edge of the cliffside collapsed into the ocean years ago and formed this beautiful swimming hole that is only accessible by using a ladder to climb down to the separated rock, walking along the edge of the cliff, and then jumping 10 ft. into the turquoise water below.

Swimming under the cliffs on the north shore of Aruba.
Rocky coast of Aruba. The only plant life you will find out here are cactus.
Looking down into the cove from the edge of the cliff. Jump from the top to access the water below. Be prepared, there is quite a climb to get back out of the pool.

2.) Malmok Beach

Much like the secret cove on Aruba’s north shore, Malmok beach offers a great place to jump from the edge of the island into the water below. Malmok Beach is more accessible than the cove though and is relatively close to the Palm Beach area. The rock formations sticking out of the water make for great photo ops and the water is calm enough here to justify a relaxing swim. 

You are able to swim beneath and in between the rock formations along Malmok Beach.
A small beach area makes for a great launch spot when snorkeling and swimming along Malmok Beach
Crystal clear waters at Malmok mean that even without snorkel gear you are able to see the marine life around you.

1.) From the Air

My favorite view of Aruba? From the air. Flying into Aruba you are greeted with deep blue waters that fade into the turquoise color that surrounds the island. Add the wing of your plane and you’ve got the perfect “Welcome to paradise” post. Leaving Aruba our plane took us right over the north shore of the island which contrasted quite nicely with the blue water.

Welcome to Aruba! You’ve got the perfect view of Palm Beach, Oranjestad, & the blue water when flying in.
Until next time, Aruba! Flying out of Oranjestad you have the perfect shot of land & sea when over the north shore of the island.








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