Breakfast at The Plaza in Magic Kingdom

the plaza

What’s the only thing better than being the first person to arrive for the rope drop at Magic Kingdom? How about getting into Magic Kingdom hours before the park even officially opens! With an early morning breakfast reservation at Magic Kingdom we were able to get into the park up to an hour and a half before the official rope drop. Now when you think of “breakfast in Magic Kingdom” the ever popular restaurants like Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and The Crystal Palace may come to mind, but a much cheaper and easier to snag option is The Plaza.

This charming restaurant is located at the very end of Main Street, USA and faces Cinderella’s Castle and the beautiful garden space in front of it. We were able to get the earliest reservation time, 7:55 a.m. which allowed us to enter the park at 7:30 a.m. a full hour and a half before Magic Kingdom officially opened.

thumbnailUpon arrival to Magic Kingdom there was a special breakfast reservation line with cast members checking guests in using magic bands. Once we were checked in we were given a breakfast reservation pamphlet and grouped together with the other guests that also had reservations.

This short wait outside of Magic Kingdom gave us the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the train station and entrance of the park. thumbnail

Spoiler alert: early morning breakfast reservations at Magic Kingdom give you the Instagram shots of Cinderella Castle & Main Street you’ve always wanted since there’s not too many other guests to compete with.

Right at 7:30 the park officially opened to us and we took off down Main Street for those photo ops. If you’re not much into selfies or having family and friends take your photos then don’t worry: There’s Photopass photographers stationed at multiple places throughout the entrance of Magic Kingdom who will sometimes add a little bit of pixie dust into your photos as well.

As I mentioned before, our reservation wasn’t until 7:55 so we had ample amount of time to get some great shots around the entrance of Magic Kingdom. Since most guests were headed to their reservations at Be Our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table, the small crowd we walked in with cleared out pretty quickly.

At 7:55 we checked in for our breakfast and were seated immediately in the main dining room of the restaurant. There is a small solarium greenhouse room that guests can be seated in as well. The decor of The Plaza fits with the themeing of Main Street- early 1900’s preserved perfectly. There are multiple chandeliers that dot the ceiling of the dining room and mirrored walls that reflect the light. The seats and tables give off that garden feeling and we were glad to have a view of the outside of the restaurant so that we could people watch. thumbnail

The breakfast menu here is small but it serves a Disney favorite: Mickey waffles! That’s really the main reason I booked breakfast here, because they have the freshest waffles on property. thumbnailAs usual, I had planned what I was ordering in advance (Mickey waffles) but enjoyed that the service staff gave us time to look over the menu and decide on drinks. I didn’t feel rushed and liked the fact that we had over an hour before the park officially opened, that way I wasn’t having a “fomo” moment.

Out of the five people in my party, four of us ordered the mickey waffles with powdered sugar, sprinkles, and banana pastry creme. The other plate that made an appearance at our table was the All American Classic Breakfast Platter. As expected, the waffles were hot, fresh, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy having the sprinkles and pastry creme on the waffles but it worked very well together.


If you’re considering eating at The Plaza, I highly recommend an early morning reservation time. The food was good, the service was good, and getting into the park early was worth it. If you’re considering booking a breakfast reservation at Magic Kingdom but you’re unsure of what restaurant to choose then I would also recommend The Plaza. The prices are the lowest you’ll find at this time of day in Magic Kingdom and they have Mickey waffles, so how could you go wrong?

We finished up our breakfast at around 8:40 so we had time to explore Main Street before the official rope drop. Surprisingly, the park was still not that crowded and we had the shops on Main Street to ourselves. The Confectionery, which is usually a battle trying to fight the crowds in there, was completely empty and I actually felt like a kid in a candy store this time when I was there.

While venturing through The Emporium we encountered some residents of Main Street who stopped to ask us about the quarry they used to visit while in Pittsburgh. Apparently the quarry was a lovely place to watch Fourth of July fireworks… who knew? (Do we think they have fun comments for everyone’s hometown?) thumbnailBidding farewell to our new friends we headed off towards Tomorrowland for the rope drop of Magic Kingdom. Even after a fun crowd-free photo session, Mickey waffle breakfast, stop at The Confectionery, and running into Main Street’s best in The Emporium, we STILL had time to officially open the park and sprint towards Space Mountain for a no-wait ride.

So if you’re not sure a 7:55 a.m. breakfast reservation in Magic Kingdom is right for you, it totally is! I think everyone should experience the perks of getting into a park early at least once, especially Magic Kingdom. Other parks on property offer early morning breakfast reservations such as Akershus and The Garden Grill in Epcot and Hollywood & Vine in Hollywood Studios, but you can’t get crowd-free photos of Cinderella Castle in those parks! Maybe a Galaxy’s Edge restaurant with breakfast reservations would be a good addition though… Until then, book your breakfast at The Plaza and enjoy your Mickey Waffles on Main Street, USA.

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