Must-do Disney… Cocktails & Drinks!

“Disney is just for kids.” Oh please! With all of the gourmet dishes, bars & lounges, and experiences designed to make the adults feel nostalgic, how could anyone ever think that? One things for sure… most of what is to follow is absolutely NOT for kids, and we Disney adults are perfectly okay with that. Here are just a few of my favorite Disney World cocktails, drinks, and bar experiences.


Trader Sam’s is a very well hidden tiki bar at the Polynesian Resort that serves up some strong drinks and equally strong pranks. This is an immersive lounge experience where you’ll need an open mind and a sense of humor to enjoy it. Every drink that you order causes some type of commotion within the lounge which is why this is a personal favorite place of mine.

My go-to drinks at Trader Sam’s are the Hippopotamaitai, (front & center in the picture above), and the Mosquito Mojito. While these drinks have two of the most low-key effects, they’re tasty and not as strong as some of the other options on the menu, (looking at you, Uh-Oa.) If you want a drink specifically for the interactive effect, go with the Krakatoa Punch or Zombie. If you’re feeling really brave then that Uh-Oa is the one for you!

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed than Trader Sam’s, Kona Cafe is your spot for great drinks and island eats. Kona Cafe is also usually available as a walk-up dining option unlike the next-door neighbor, ‘Ohana. I recommend the dragon iced tea or the raspberry mojito from the drink menu here. Interested in having lunch or dinner here as well? Check out some of my favorite sit-down dishes at Kona Cafe in the upcoming section!


What’s better than cocktails in a hidden tiki bar? Cocktails in outer space, of course! Space 220 is THE restaurant in Walt Disney World right now, and for good reason. The atmosphere, (or lack thereof), makes your inner-child feel like they’ve finally made it as an astronaut floating among the stars. To be honest, the food here is just okay but the drinks really shine!

My suggestion for Space 220 is that you try to get a reservation for the Lounge instead of the Restaurant. The Lounge is an a la carte option with small bites and beautiful cocktails for both the adults and kids in your party. My go-to alcoholic drink is The Nebula, made with Makers Mark, honey, and pineapple, (pictured above).

If you want something truly out-of-this-world though then you’re going to want to check out the zero-proof cocktails, believe it or not. The Milky Way is a delicious coffee drink that I have not stopped thinking about since I first tried it- espresso paired with brown sugar, caramel, and cream is apparently the way to go when dining in space. With this drink you’ll also receive a mini Milky Way bar and a pack of Space 220 trading cards… score!


Is anyone actually surprised that the EPCOT World Showcase has its own section on this list? You can’t visit the countries in EPCOT without having a drink or two, (or three), while you’re browsing the shops and waiting in the hour-long line for Frozen Ever After. After many, many visits to the countries I’ve gotten to sample a lot of drinks and have narrowed my list down to a few favorites.

While the flavor or seasonal drink offering may change, you can always count on the ice cream martini at L’Artisan de Glaces to be a winner. During the fall months, you can get the pumpkin spice ice cream martini topped with a macaron that is AMAZING. If you’re not feeling like pumpkin spice though, you can choose any ice cream flavor paired with a shot of vodka, rum, or liqueur to create your martini.

While the ice cream martini may become your go-to drink when in Epcot, I always like to scope out the festival offerings at the various food booths around the park. Whether you’re at Food & Wine, Flower & Garden or another seasonal festival you can always count on plenty of wine, beer, and cocktail offerings at the food booths. I love the mimosa flight from Shimmering Sips during the Food & Wine Fest and am also a sucker for the apple ice wine at the Canada booth during the same fest. During the holidays there’s nothing better than a cranberry beer from the America pavilion while you listen to Voices of Liberty.


When in Disney ditch that Starbucks mug and sip some Joffrey’s! Sure, there’s Starbucks locations throughout Disney property but if you’re staying at a Disney resort and not embracing the official coffee of WDW, then you’re doing it wrong. If you feel like rolling out of bed and making yourself a cup of coffee using the supplied K-cups at check-in then you’re already starting off the morning right. But if you’re headed to Disney Springs then you may want to enjoy your coffee with an extra dose of magic using the coffee screen printer at Joffrey’s Coffee. Here you can have your favorite Disney character printed onto the top of your beverage.

If you decide that you can’t live without Joffrey’s coffee back home then you’re in luck! You can purchase K-cups and ground coffee from gift shops all around WDW.

Are these some of the best drinks you will find across Walt Disney World? I like to think so. Did I cover even 1% of the drinks available on property? No, absolutely not. We didn’t talk about dole whip drinks, POG juice, boba balls, or the drink from Oga’s that makes your tongue numb… so maybe this will be an ongoing list that is never quite finished. What are some of your favorite Disney cocktails and zero-proof drinks? Let me know in the comments!

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