Maya Grill: Add this Overlooked Disney Restaurant to your Must-Try List

Lacking a boat to Disney Springs and Skyliner to Epcot & Hollywood Studios, Coronado Springs is the underdog of Moderate Disney World Resorts. Its Animal Kingdom location doesn’t help to hype up this resort for many either, but Coronado Springs does have a lot that the other two moderates lack: Deluxe-style accommodations and lobby areas, a 360-degree waterfront lounge, and most of all, the many great dining options that this resort is blessed with.

Maya Grill, one of Coronado Spring’s original restaurants, is perhaps the most underrated restaurant on Disney property in my opinion. The theming and service at this location is immersive and beautiful and the food is some of the best Mexican inspired dishes you will find on property.

Located in the main stretch of Coronado Springs (beside the new Gran Destino Tower), Maya Grill sits tucked away from the hubbub of the lobby and offers views of the resort’s lake and Mexican-Colonial architecture.

Maya Grill celebrates the early history of Mexico with it’s many ancient-looking murals, stone pillars, and grand dining area with fire torches for lighting and ambience.

The restaurant is often quiet and relaxing with a live guitar player walking throughout, strumming familiar Mexican medleys and favorite Disney tunes. Most often you will find families here because of its vast and diverse menu that features uniquely Disney dishes and on-the-safe-side choices for little ones.

The Aztec decor, tables, and seating offer a comfortable respite from the Florida sun and take you into an evening in Mexico where the drinks are strong and the food is delicious.

The restaurant opens at 5:00 pm for dinner and offers a wide variety of appetizers, drinks, entrees, and desserts. Some menu items may be viewed as adventurous, but there are some Mexican staples such as quesadillas and enchiladas for the pickiest of eaters.

To start, you can’t go wrong with chips and salsa (even if they aren’t complementary upon taking a seat). The drink menu here is as you would expect but has some flavors that may surprise you such as pear, strawberry basil, and grapefruit.

The appetizer selection here is excellent with chicken tinga flautas- chicken taquitos topped with equites and chipotle mayo, and chicken tortilla soup.

There is also house-made guacamole and shrimp cocktail as options for an appetizer, and all of these plates are large enough to share or small enough to have as a part of your meal like I did with the chicken tinga flautas on my last visit.

Recently May Grill switched out menu items for some new Mexican favorites that have been making their way into the hearts of taco lovers everywhere. One new addition includes the birra lamb enchiladas.

A go-to favorite of mine though is the chicken enchiladas topped with oaxaca & cotija cheeses, crispy onions, and friend plantains.

The presentation of everything at this restaurant is beautiful, especially with the vegetable toppings and their pops of color.

Being a Mexican restaurant, fajitas are offered in a choice of chicken, steak, or shrimp, and Mexican-inspired salads such as a taco salad and fiesta salad are offered as lighter options.

Before the recent menu change Maya Grill had these delicious one-of-a-kind shredded barbacoa beef empanadas that you could make a meal of in itself. Unfortunately these are not currently on the menu but with Disney being Disney we know they could always come back. If you’re looking to try this empanada though you’re in luck because you can find a similar one in Epcot at Choza de Margarita.

Another classic and go-to in my family is the chicken quesadilla. The quesadilla you will find here is made with a delicious, crispy tortilla that is easy to pick up and eat. The cheeses that they use in all of the dishes are perfect for this cuisine, but the flavors really come through with the quesadilla, especially when paired with their salsa.

In a lot of dishes you will find esquites as a side or topping which is a Mexican corn salad made with toasted corn, cotija cheese, lime juice, and chili powder. While I am not a fan of corn as a side or in my food, I enjoy esquites when paired with Mexican dishes and flavors.

As someone who could eat rice as a side with anything, I love that Maya Grill offers a cilantro lime rice or plantain rice as a side option. If you’re not in the mood for rice you have a choice of brocolini, refried beans, cauliflower, and plantains, as well as a few other options.

Dessert here features a fried churro ice cream, tres leches, Mexican mocha lava cake, and traditional Mexican coffee with the option to add a dessert liquor.

I know that Maya Grill is a little out of the way if you’re not staying at Coronado Springs, but it still surprises me that this restaurant is not ever really talked about or brought up. Olivia’s Cafe at Old Key West is a bit of a trek to get to and yet I know that that restaurant sees packed tables and full reservations each day because of its reputation and fantastic food.

May Grill, I believe, is worthy of that kind of hype as well because of its beautiful decor and ambience and truly delicious food and extensive menu.

I have only dined here a few times but each time I am welcomed with great service, a memorable and tasty meal, and a break from the hustle and bustle that most of us face when on a Disney vacation.

If I can recommend one place on Disney property to go to with your whole family to escape the craziness of Disney parks, I would put Maya Grill on that pedestal. The food is consistently good and I find myself willing to try new dishes here that I may normally shy away from because I trust and know that no matter what I get here it’s going to be good.

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